Service List

Here are just some of the services we offer. Also check out some of our standard priced options below.

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Standard Fixed Price Services

Below are just a few of our fixed price services we offer at On The Go Garage. Message us today!

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Check A/C System

  • Vacuum test for leaks
  • Checks compressor operation
  • Dye to detect leaks

Vacuum / Recharge A/C

  • Refill your freon
  • Oil the system
  • ($9 for each additional 1/2lb)

Alignment 2 Wheel & 4 Wheel

  • Alignment of suspension
  • Helps with tire wear
  • Helps life of suspension parts

Annual Inspection

  • PA State Inspections
  • Keeps your car legal in PA
  • We can do just safety for $40

Diagnostic Prices

Find out what is wrong with your car with our dianostic services below.

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Diagnostic Scan

  • Top of the line diagnostic scanner
  • Checks different modules of your cars system.

Visual Check of car

  • Placed on the lift to check under the car.
  • Helps to check exhaust and suspension parts.

Pull the Wheels

  • Wheel removal for brake check.
  • Also can check for bad wheel bearings, ball joints, etc

Let us get your ride back on the road!

Give us a call to schedule you in

  • 570-788-4070


Here’s what our happy customers had to say about us:

Yet another great visit to OTGG today. New tires for the wife’s ride. Great price and fast service. These guys are simply awesome!

Mark E.

THANKS for getting my truck fixed so quick. so i can get back to work

Margaret N.

Champ is one of the best mechanics around this area, very knowledgeable and detailed. Fair pricing, great tires and his communication is impeccable, walk you through every repair and the reason on why is needed. Thanks Champ.

Ismael F.